Psyche Vision

Joshua Meyer

January 27th, 2023

Major: Biology & Spanish

Genre/Medium: Digital Painting / Procreate

About the work: This piece, which I’ve titled “Psyche Vision,” represents the drive and motivation being put into the Psyche mission, and keeping our eyes set on the ultimate goal. To represent this, I drew a human eye, using the color palette of the Psyche mission, and in the eye’s reflection the Psyche asteroid and orbiter are visible. I wanted to emphasize the connection between humans and our instinctive curiosity and drive, which is why I placed the asteroid in the position of the eye’s pupil. To create this piece, I used the Procreate application, where I drew a rough sketch of my composition. I then blocked out the parts that would be in shadow and the parts the would be in light. I wanted the right side of the image, the side to which the pupil is looking, to be illuminated with light to show how Psyche is a source of inspiration and motivation. I used the appropriate Psyche mission colors for the light and shadow, and finished the piece by adding highlights along various portions of the skin and the eye/asteroid.

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Date Added: 01-27-2023
Credit: Joshua Meyer

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