Psyche: The Game

Jeremy Seidner

Date: December 6, 2018

Major: computer science

Genre/Medium: Game Board

About the work:  Psyche: The Game was an idea that was born off the back of the Psyche cereal box project. It is a mixed media piece combining the crispness of digital vector lines and text with hand drawn art of the orbs. The color scheme matches the Psyche mission.

Starting at Earth, players pass Earth’s Moon and Mars before arriving at Psyche the asteroid. I wanted to add a lot of actionable squares that not only made the board competitive but also allowed the players to experience the journey as Psyche the probe. I was excited to add a little bit of my computer science background into the piece with a nod to the old blue screen of death. I liked the idea of choosing your own orbital insertion path to add randomness to the game. The asteroids in the belt that both paths pass through were taken from the cereal box project so that the two pieces had a common tie. The stars are all part of a multitude of constellations hiding in the background.

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Date Added: 12-06-2018
Credit: Jeremy Seidner

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