Psyche Stoneware

Katherine Page

December 8, 2021

Major: Biology

Genre/Medium: Stoneware clay sculpture with underglaze, hot glue, Mod Podge, cotton swabs

About the work: My ceramic plant decorations incorporate a combination of elements that bring me joy: excitement for the Psyche mission, the greenness of Earth’s nature, and the therapy of clay hand-building. The larger spacecraft was designed to mimic the form of the real-life structure and the smaller spacecraft is a simplified version meant for smaller potted plants. Though the texture, contents, and exact shape of the asteroid is yet to be understood, I mimicked the form that is portrayed by the mission’s website. An essence of my personality was left on each form through splotches of my favorite colors, and they are completed by their green plant habitat that beautifully connects science and art.

Date Added: 12-08-2021
Credit: Katherine Page

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