Psyche Spacecraft Artist Book

Katherine Page

January,31 2022

Major: Biology

Genre/Medium: Linocut prints, watercolor, sequins

About the work:This linocut pop-up artist book is a symbolic interpretation of the Psyche spacecraft and its instruments. Each page represents an instrument and its functions using abstract linocut relief printing, watercolor, sequins and cut-out forms, and each design is shadowed by a starry background to solidify a sense of infinite space. The Psyche mission’s actual spacecraft is magnificent in its complexities but difficult to be understood by the average onlooker, so I made this book to invite accessible, up-to-your-interpretation views of the spacecraft and its significance. In order from left to right, the pages represent the spacecraft’s solar arrays, laser communication technology (Deep Space Optical Communication), magnetometer, and star trackers, as well as the (16) Psyche asteroid and Psyche mission badge. The asteroid depiction is simple and lacking in color to represent the many unknown elements of (16) Psyche that are yet to be explored—only time will tell the true story of (16) Psyche!

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Date Added: 01-31-2022
Credit: Katherine Page

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