Psyche, Simplified

Jennah Colborn

April 8, 2022

Major: Physics

Genre/Medium: Digital Illustration

About the work: I wanted to take a step back from some of the more abstract representations of Psyche I’ve done, and return to the fundamental aspects of the asteroid. For this project I digitally illustrated Psyche-16 from different angles and perspectives in space: I created some concrete, simple black-and-white images of the asteroid from varying distances for the foreground, and some more playful ornate line drawings and rocky textures for the background. The background is composed of purple and orange, the designated Psyche mission colors, and are meant to give depth and diversity to the composition of the illustration as a whole. Finally, I incorporated handwritten text at the bottom of the image to frame it by its official name: “PSYCHE-16”.

Date Added: 04-08-2022
Credit: Jennah Colborn

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