Psyche Multispectral Imager: First Light

A so-called “First Light” photo taken using the prototype Imager electronics and CCD but with no filters yet and only simple, non-flight-like optics. The Psyche electronics and CCD are based on the Mars 2020 Mastcam-Z electronics and CCD but there have been some changes in some of the parts and electronics design, and so this is the first time that those new parts and design have actually been tested out.  The black-and-white photo (the CCD takes black and white photos, and we will eventually use the color filters to assemble individual filter images into true color and false color composites) was taken this past week in the electronics lab at Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego, California. The electronics were on a work bench with the CCD pointing up to the ceiling. The person staring into the picture is Psyche’s Lead Electronics Engineer, Jake Schaffner of Malin Space Science Systems — the brains behind the Imager’s electronics design and testing!

Date Added: 04-20-2020
Credit: Arizona State University/Malin Space Science Systems

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