Psyche: Mission Control


December 15, 2018

Major: animation

Genre/Medium: HTML5 Digital

About the work: Not every kid wants to scroll on a webpage and read (I personally did as a kid but I know I’m not the typical user!). Even though the Psyche site is wonderfully designed and engaging already, I wanted to created a more game like atmosphere to engage kids directly. This was my first time doing a project like this and it made me really think about interactive design. I designed the Interactive Timeline as if the player was put in charge of the mission, this hopefully gives them a sense of responsibility even though it is just pretend. With them now in this role, the user’s focus goes more on the mission and learning about it.

To play the game, click here or use the link below to download the file. Once the zip file has been downloaded, open it and click on the HTML link. The HTML will take you directly to the online game! At the online game you may need to zoom out for the game to fit the browser window.

Download game file

Date Added: 09-29-2020
Credit: Jessika Raisor

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