Psyche Metal Pins

Mary Pyrdol

March 2, 2022

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Hand-Crafted Jewelry/Brooch/Recycled Metal

About the work: The phrase “Journey to a Metal World” excites me about what waits for us to discover on Psyche. One of those things being metal, I wanted this project to feature the material in all of its repurposable glory. Using recycled pieces of metal jewelry, I have handcrafted two brooches inspired by the asteroid and the spacecraft of the Psyche mission. The Asteroid brooch features the two prominent craters mimicked by radial bursts of metal scraps, along with rocky-textured metal plates to mimic the surface of Psyche. The spacecraft uses rectangular metal scraps with smaller, more detailed beads and rods to mimic the instruments on the actual spacecraft.

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Date Added: 03-02-2022
Credit: Mary Pyrdol

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