Psyche Illuminated

Abigail Miller

January 9th, 2023

Major: Architecture

Genre/Medium: Laser Cut Acrylic, LEDs, Wood

About the work: Psyche Illuminated is a culmination of three LED displays (from left to right); ‘Vessel’, ‘Trajectory’ and ‘Collision’. Together these showcase three components of the Psyche mission; the spacecraft, its four orbits, and the formation of the Psyche asteroid. Each component is laser cut or etched onto an 8×8 sheet of clear acrylic and set into a wooden block containing an LED strip. Each of these LED lamps allow for light to diffuse through the acrylic, illuminating its design. The inspiration behind the design is trying to find new ways to “shed light” on the Psyche mission and the fascination behind the journey to a metal world.

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Date Added: 01-09-2023
Credit: Abigail Miller

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