Psyche Crosswords

Addison Rizer

Date: April 12, 2019

Major: English

Genre/Medium: crosswords

About the work: I have always loved the way crossword puzzles interact with language. How they serve as a way to learn new words to use to describe the world around us. I think they’re tools that make us think about what words mean and how we use them. In making these crosswords for Psyche, I tried to get in touch with what Psyche might be thinking, yearning for, wanting. In this series, there are poems that I used to try to get in touch with Psyche’s language, and also two crosswords that will help others get to know Psyche better. All of the answers can be found on Be sure to print them out and try your hand at them if you’d like to get to know Psyche better!

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Date Added: 04-12-2019
Credit: Addison Rizer

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