Psyche Comic

Sarah Tennant

August 21, 2020

Major: Illustration and Creative Writing

Genre/Medium: digital art

About the work: This was easily the most labor intensive project I did for my internship, but it was worth the work, as I am satisfied with the end result and learned so much about comic making and digital painting! This piece is a continuation of the work I made for Project 2, where I made a comic page based on a short poem I wrote about Psyche. I had a lot of fun making that comic page and decided I wanted to expand upon it and create a fully resolved mini-comic. However, I redrew the first page, since I felt that I had grown too much as an artist to use it in conjunction with new pages. I still maintained the narrative established in Project 2, though, where my ethereal protagonist explores Psyche’s supposed terrain. The comic’s text is comprised of the remainder of my poem, and I aimed to create a kind of reflective dialogue by pairing it with my illustrations. I think that when we examine Psyche, we can not only learn more about our Earth, but learn more about ourselves: our motivations for exploring the asteroid and the way we think about its physicality can provide insight into humanity’s own psyche.

Date Added: 08-21-2020
Credit: Sarah Tennant

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