Psyche Across Time

Abigail Miller

May 22nd, 2023

Major: Architecture (Minor: Chemistry)

Genre/Medium: Canvas, plaster, water-based brush pens

About the work: Psyche Across Time is a 3D artwork achieved through the process of applying plaster directly to canvas. The use of different spackling tools is utilized to create surfaces both smooth and textured. The inspiration behind this project was a desire to showcase the hard work that has gone into the Psyche mission throughout the years. Beginning with the discovery of (16) Psyche in 1852 and ending with the possible arrival of the spacecraft in 2029, the piece takes you through the course of Psyche’s history. To emphasize the journey, a path has been hollowed out through the canvas and lined with Psyche’s colors to represent the long and winding path towards launch. Along this curved path, a series of important events are showcased; the discovery of Psyche, the mission proposal, preliminary design, the arrival of the spacecraft in Florida, launch of the spacecraft, and arrival at (16) Psyche. Each event has a corresponding drawing and year it took place that have been inked with water-based pens.

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Date Added: 05-22-2023
Credit: Abigail Miller

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