Psyche: A Heavy Metal Tribute to #MissionToPsyche

Psyche’s journey to a metal world inspired Psyche super-fan Terry Glaze to get #PsycheSpaceCRAFTY with this heavy metal tribute to the mission, accompanied by original artwork created by NASA Psyche Inspired undergraduate interns (

From the Artist

When I heard about a NASA mission to a heavy metal asteroid, it made me think about growing up in Texas and my heavy metal roots with Pantera and Lord Tracy.

This song takes me back to my early days, when I was 16 and making music with my friends.

The song was inspired by all those great heavy metal bands of the 70’s and 80’s. They continue to inspire me.

So excited for this Heavy Metal mission! Go Psyche! – Terry Glaze


Written and performed by Terry Glaze
Mixed by Neil Kernon
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

True Story Films
Produced by Cary Truelick & Katelyn Fukayama
Post-Production Supervisor by Rob Beadle
Edited by Lee Ann Cone
Motion Graphics by Matt Currie
3D Animation by Peter Rubin & Jesse Stormer

Featuring work from undergraduate artists in the Psyche Inspired program (

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Date Added: 09-29-2023

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