Pscyhe 2129

Cristian Ponce

February 13th, 2023

Major: Biological Engineering

Genre/Medium: Photography / Graphic Design

About the work: I have always been inspired by travel and the romantic feelings that it inspires. When I was a child, before wanted to be a scientist, I wanted to be a train conductor. Some of my favorite art originates from the depictions of travel by train during the boom in Art Deco style and the artistic romanticizations of flight during the Jet Age. In Psyche 2129, I wanted to imagine what similar art/advertisements might look like during the golden age of space travel. The sparkling drink in a glass cup and the ring attempt to include elements of prosperity in the piece, similar to comparable work of the Jet Age.

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Date Added: 02-13-2023
Credit: Cristian Ponce

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