Plant Your Seed

Rachel McNeil

Date: April 22, 2019

Major: environmental sustainability management

Genre/Medium: acrylic paint on pre-made pottery

About the work: This piece is interactive and meant to engage with audiences in a way that prompts them to consider the infinite possibilities space exploration holds and how they can participate. This piece combines science, art, nature, and artificiality in a way that pushes the viewer to reconsider the definition of science and the role art plays in discovery. For the interactive component of the piece, I ask viewers to write an idea or hope they have for future space exploration on tiny cards shaped like seeds. Viewers are encouraged to not only write but also read the ideas of others in hopes of spurring inspiration and allowing viewers to interact with each other indirectly. This project not only functions as a piece of art but also a real-time artifact that holds the thoughts of many people with differing backgrounds, levels of education, and perspectives on space.

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Date Added: 04-22-2019
Credit: Rachel McNeil

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