Orbits of Psyche

Phoebe Murphy

May 17, 2022

Major: Communication

Genre/Medium: Graphic art/Shirt design

About the work: For my last project, I was inspired by the images of Psyche’s orbits that we were shown, and I knew I wanted to do something related to that. Although I would have liked to create a physical object (like a sculpture), due to limitations on tools I decided the next best thing would be to design something that can become a physical object, i.e. a shirt design. I’m really into the modern kind of designs that are on graphic tees and sweatshirts nowadays, so I wanted to depict Psyche’s four orbits in that style. I also thought it would be a nice souvenir to myself to remember the year.

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Date Added: 05-17-2022
Credit: Phoebe Murphy

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