NASA Psyche Online Courses

While the spacecraft and instruments of the NASA Psyche Mission are being designed and built in preparation for launch to the Psyche asteroid in 2022, the mission management team at Arizona State University (ASU) has recently developed a series of free online courses based on the real-world challenges of running a space mission. The course series, called the NASA Psyche Mission Innovation Toolkit (, is offered free worldwide to anyone with internet connection and is available via ASU’s CareerCatalyst. In the first course, The Process and Lifetime of a Space Mission, participants learn about and practice elements of a space mission, from idea to flight. The course features interviews and experts from NASA, ASU, and Psyche Mission team members. The second course focuses on team building and team diversity. Titled The Inclusive Mindset: Tools for Building Positive Team Culture, the course features global leadership expert Mansour Javidan, a Garvin Distinguished Professor at ASU’s Thunderbird School of Global Management and Director of the Najafi Global Mindset Institute.

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Date Added: 01-25-2020

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