Journey to the Beginning of Psyche

Anna Vanderberg

Date: December 3, 2018

Major: art & design

Genre/Medium: stop-motion animation

About the work: For this animation, I experimented with painting by hand. This means that each frame is an individual painting, each painted one over the next on a single sheet of glass and photographed. Since this piece was more experimental for me, I decided to also make my sound effects more experimental. Rather than timing my animation to music or logical sound effects, I created a soundscape made entirely of the sounds of paintbrushes swishing, mimicking the actions I performed when painting. We begin zoomed outside of our galaxy, and rush through the solar system, past Mars, and into the asteroid belt just in time to see an object strike Psyche, stripping it of its rocky mantle. Psyche is alone and unobserved for a time, until the Psyche spacecraft enters the scene.

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Date Added: 12-03-2018
Credit: Anna Vanderberg

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