Journey to Psyche

Tori Covell

February 9, 2022

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: InDesign, Procreate, Fliphtml5

About the work: I decided to create a book about the mission to Psyche. Through this journey, the book will teach children the hypotheses on how Psyche was formed, the spacecraft, and all the science! I was inspired by my little sister, as she loves to read, to learn new things, and to talk about them! I thought that as a current intern, I wanted to grab the opportunity to create books for children, so they can learn all about Psyche in a short/summarized version. A lot of the information is from! I also used mission artwork and tried to sketch it in a children-friendly way. I used InDesign and Procreate to create this project. I created different layouts and designs to make it fun to look through.

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Date Added: 02-09-2022
Credit: Tori Covell

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