Journey to a metal world

Alana Negron Diaz

February 6th, 2023

Major: Civil Engineering

Genre/Medium: Procreate/Mental Canvas

About the work: For this art piece, I was inspired by the journey of Psyche across space, from the creation of the asteroid to the mission to study it. In the video, it starts with an assumption for the origin of the Psyche asteroid, which is thought to have originated from violent impacts, giving way to an asteroid with such peculiar aspects. The fact that many years have passed and it’s out there holding a history to be discovered makes this mission quite thrilling.

The mediums used for the art piece were Procreate and Mental Canvas. I’ve used Procreate for a previous project, but Mental Canvas was the medium I focused on for this second project. First, I drew the separate layers in procreate and saved them as PNG images. After using Procreate, I uploaded the layers to Mental Canvas where I was able to create a 2D animation with the 2D images and make them pop within a 3D space to provide an interactive and immersive effect.

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Date Added: 02-06-2023
Credit: Alana Negron Diaz

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