Journey To A Metal World: Typographic Exploration

Zack Gibson

November 15, 2021

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

About the work: The phrase “Journey to a Metal World” grabbed my attention from the very moment I began learning about the Psyche mission. For this project, I wanted to create custom typography to go on a poster along with additional graphic elements to visually represent the phrase “Journey to a Metal World.”

Animating the poster brought extra life to the project, which I feel helps to reflect all of the time, energy, and emotion that goes into missions like these. The colors used in the background of this poster are bright and warm, which also help to create this sense of energy. I stuck with a white, silvery color on the letters to help them pop on the poster, be the main focus, and also represent Psyche’s metallic composition. The Psyche satellite and asteroid were included in silhouette form to give the viewer a peek into what the mission entails.

I hope that by bringing visual interest to an already captivating phrase, more people will be interested to learn about Psyche’s “Journey to a Metal World.”

Date Added: 11-15-2021
Credit: Zach Gibson

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