Interview with Psyche: Part 1

Anna Vanderberg

Date: March 12, 2019

Major: art & design

Genre/Medium: stop-motion animation

About the work: For this stop-motion animation, my goal was to create a comical-yet-educational situation in which viewers would get to see a character interact with the Psyche spacecraft. I was inspired to use the format of a talk show from all the shows I’ve seen where a bubbly host has a celebrity guest in ostensibly to simply talk about the guest, but truly to promote their latest work. This format allowed me to get a little silly with inserting a large spacecraft into a role humans typically fill while still sharing real facts about the Psyche spacecraft. It’s my hope that this animation will be accessible to children and adults alike, and that anyone who watches this can have a laugh while learning.

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Date Added: 03-12-2019
Credit: Anna Vanderberg

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