Isaac Wisdom

Date: November 18, 2017

Major: Music and culture

Genre/Medium: Composition

About the work: Ideas is a piece I wrote for a mallet ensemble that was inspired by the feelings and emotions that might have been felt by the person or group of people as they were first conceptualizing Psyche. In addition to writing out each part, I also specified how the ensemble should be set up. Certain instruments are meant to be on either the left or the right side, which allowed me to write the music with interest to the spatial relation between instruments. Interpretation of music is always subjective, of course, but hopefully you will feel the curiosity, wonder, and excitement that was present during the conception of Psyche, and that I convey through this piece.

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Date Added: 12-02-2017
Credit: Isaac Wisdom
Keywords: art, music, Psyche Inspired

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