How Big Will The Psyche Spacecraft Be?

Morgan Baerwaldt

Date: October 27, 2017

Major: electrical engineering

Genre/Medium: felt-tip ink pens and watercolor on cold press watercolor paper

About the work: I figured that a visual comparison would probably help people imagine the size of the craft more than the descriptions alone. School buses are a really common, relatable size, so I chose to use those for the first two illustrations. I added in a six foot tall bus driver, who is clearly very confused about why the Psyche bus is sitting next to his bus, to make the drawing more fun and add more context. I chose to show Psyche sitting on top of a tennis court. While not every body knows the where the singles lines are on a tennis court, most people have seen a tennis court and can see the relationship. It turns out that a standard interior door, something that most people probably walk through every day, is nearly exactly the height of Psyche’s booms and antenna reflector. I used felt-tip ink pens and watercolor on cold press watercolor paper. I drew it in pencil, inked over it in pen, erased extra marks, and then watercolored over that.

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Date Added: 12-02-2017
Credit: Morgan Baerwaldt
Keywords: art, Psyche Inspired

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