Haiku For 16 Asteroids

Dagan Sassarini

Date: February 25, 2019

Major: chemical engineering

Genre/Medium: poetry

About the work: The present moment is so powerful that it lends us an opportunity to redefine both our future and our past. Short moments of mindfulness allow us to make the greatest connections, to see things for what they are, and to be innovative in our solutions to problems faced both as individuals in our daily lives and together as humanity. Writing haiku is a practice that enables me to remain mindful during stressful times. Using three levels of functionality outlined by Professor Gail Sher, I have attempted to write sixteen haiku, one for each of the first sixteen asteroids discovered, with Psyche being the last. Each haiku draws upon the history of each asteroid and emphasizes the inherent connection of scientific discoveries with our natural environment.

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Date Added: 02-25-2019
Credit: Dagan Sassarini

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