Guess That Instrument: A Psyche Game Show

Chris Kim

December 1, 2021

Major: Animation

Genre/Medium: Animation: Paper cutouts with pen and crayon

About the work: I wanted to create something engaging and lighthearted for my first piece. I love the idea of personified spacecrafts and instruments, so I decided to make them as contestants of a gameshow. It’s a mix of a trivia and dating show, as the audience learns more about the contestants the more they watch. While sticking to a more child-like presentation with the doodled faces and crayon coloring, I still wanted the information to be catered to older audiences. I took the explanations on the official website and made adjustments to make the language a bit more understandable and easier to digest in a short amount of time.

Date Added: 12-01-2021
Credit: Chris Kim

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