Greetings from PSYCHE

Mary Pyrdol

November 3, 2021

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Postcard/Graphic, Design/Procreate and Adobe Illustrator

About the work: When we leave home to explore a new or significant location far away, we often like to commemorate our journey or send a message home with a postcard. My project is a graphic design of a postcard that reads, “Greetings from PSYCHE,” and it is accompanied by a digital illustration of the asteroid and the spacecraft on its orbital mission. The backside features the quote, “JOURNEY TO A METAL WORLD”, along with an opaque illustration of the asteroid and some retro starburst decals. The concept behind the graphic style comes from the art movement Retro Futurism, a style originating from around the 1970s in depictions of 1950s America if it were heavily influenced by ambitious technologies of the future. Retro Futurism revolves around this idea of nostalgia within dreaming of what the world of tomorrow could be. Mostly inspired by Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland concept, I wanted to carry Retro Futurism into my graphic language to express NASA’s optimism and ambition for the Psyche mission while also being nostalgic of when space exploration was new to us.

Date Added: 11-03-2021
Credit: Mary Pyrdol

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