Isaac Wisdom

Date: January 8, 2018

Major: music and electrical engineering

Genre/Medium: composition and performance

About the work: ‘Construction’ is my interpretation of the build process for the construction of the Psyche spacecraft. The tune is upbeat and happy, which I feel fits the emotions the technicians will feel as they fit together the pieces that will become Psyche. Along with the written score is a live recording and a music video where I play the parts of the piece. This video features me playing the trumpet, trombone, alto and tenor saxophone, upright bass, and piano. I recorded and edited the music using Apple’s GarageBand software, and I created the video using Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC software. Download the score and parts (PDF, 5MB); watch the video of the performance at

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Date Added: 02-05-2018
Credit: Isaac Wisdom
Keywords: art, Psyche Inspired

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