Collage of Psyche

Britney Hill

January,12 2022

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Genre/Medium: Digital Art / Collage

About the work: The Famous Psyche!

Inspired by celebrity fan art, this digitally created poster tells the story of the Psyche mission through a magazine collage. On the right, we have the goddess of the soul (namesake of the Psyche asteroid) posed between digitally manipulated depictions of Mars and Jupiter — similar to the orbital position of the Psyche asteroid in real-life. We also see four circular rings that represent the different orbit distances the mission instruments will collect data from. On the top is a “magazine” snippet from the mission website ( explaining the significance of Psyche. Get your fan art ready, because the Psyche mission launch is set for the summer of 2022!

Date Added: 01-12-2022
Credit: Britney Hill

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