Breaking Barriers

Chloe Carriere

Date: February 6, 2019

Major: chemical engineering

Genre/Medium: paint on canvas

About the work: This immense 5×9-ft. piece depicts the Psyche spacecraft breaking down the wall between us and the vast unknown space around our little blue planet. My own passion for knowledge and space exploration comes from the endless mysteries of the universe. I feel that there is a barrier dividing us from the answers to these secrets, but with more technology and motivation for space travel, we can slowly break these barriers. When you take a photo in front of this painting, it looks as though you are the center of the spacecraft. Since we are traveling to a metal asteroid that could provide insight into our own metal core, I want to depict the idea that when you stand in front of the painting, you are the core of the spacecraft. The journey to Psyche is one that anyone can support and get excited about, and by acting as the core of the spacecraft, you are joining our journey to a metal world. Join us in our #JouneytoPsyche.

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Date Added: 02-06-2019
Credit: Chloe Carriere

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