Astronomy’s Rebirth

Alana Negrón Díaz

November 30th, 2022

Major: Civil Engineering

Genre/Medium: Procreate

About the work: The name of this art piece is “Astronomy’s Rebirth”. I’ve always been fascinated by the numerous elements and natural creations that surrounds us. Astronomy’s rebirth is an inspiration of the creation of everything. In this art piece there’s a sort of supernova in the shape of a face giving life to planets, the sun, stars, and of course, the Psyche Astroid. The shape of the supernova is a woman’s face giving life to the universe. I decided to add the woman element since it’s kind of magical how women give life to humans. It’s amazing how humans are made from a small cell turning into what we are today. From the creation of life to the creation of the universe, the science behind it, is still a mystery and at times it seems kind of magical. I wanted to incorporate these two things since I believe we are made out of the smallest and simplest of elements, meaning that we are all connected.

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Date Added: 11-30-2022
Credit: Alana Negron Diaz

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