Around Psyche Rug

Zack Gibson

April 20, 2022

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Tufted Rug, Yarn and Fabric

About the work: The creation of the Around Psyche rug was a multi-step process. First, I began by creating a design with four rings of differing color and a shape for Psyche at the center. The rings represent the different orbits of the Psyche spacecraft from Orbit D on the outer edge of the design to Orbit A at the center around Psyche. Once the design was finalized with some embellishing details, including a star shape that is symbolic of the spacecraft, I projected and traced it onto a large piece of loose-knit fabric. Using a tufting gun, I punched different colored yarn through the fabric until my design was complete. Using carpet glue on the back and adding a plush backing fabric helped seal in the yarn and finish the rug. While the rings of color are proportionally spaced apart to reflect the orbit distances, I think the rug composition also lends itself to being a visualization of Psyche as a planetary core.

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Date Added: 04-20-2022
Credit: Zack Gibson

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