Approaching the Asteroid

Mitchel Medvec

March 24, 2021

Major: Astrophysics and Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: Multimedia Mosaic Materials Used: Ceramic Tile, Metallic Paint, Copper Wire, Grout, Silicon, Wood, Concrete, Styrofoam, Tin Foil

About the work: This project is a multimedia mosaic of the Psyche spacecraft approaching the asteroid. The hardest part of this project was fitting pieces of tile on a board of that scale. A 6 x 6 wooden board was used as a canvas, which is very big considering I was using tiles about a square inch in size. The asteroid was shaped using styrofoam. A thin layer of concrete was then poured onto the styrofoam and painted to appear metallic. The spacecraft was made using tile, tin foil, and copper wire.

Date Added: 03-24-2021
Credit: Mitchel Medvec

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