A Matinee on Main (Asteroid Belt)

Cristian Ponce

March 20th, 2023

Major: Biological Engineering

Genre/Medium: Photography / Graphic Design

About the work: My first piece for Psyche Inspired attempted to explore Psyche imagined as a pulp-fiction thriller. For Matinee on Main, I wanted to capture the same sense of childhood wonder that surrounds the idea of the mission and travel deep into the solar system to explore an ancient world. I was inspired by the movie posters of the 80s to create this piece, namely Jurassic Park’s poster. I came across the main shot of the piece by chance, while experimenting with volumetric lighting and using patterns on my projector to illuminate the face of a friend. Her face represents Psyche’s, which is blended into the asteroid, showing Psyche looking out from the asteroid.

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Date Added: 03-20-2023
Credit: Cristian Ponce

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