A Magnetic World

Josh Meister

March 9, 2022

Major: Computer Graphics Technology

Genre/Medium: Digital 3D Animation: SideFX Houdini

About the work: The idea that (16) Psyche may have a measurable magnetic field is a very exciting prospect to me. Not only can magnetic fields tell fascinating stories about a body’s history, but I find them to have their own inherent beauty as well, both artistically and mathematically. For this piece I created an animation of magnetic field lines flowing around Psyche, using Peter Rubin’s Psyche model for the asteroid itself. I hope this piece might inspire others about the Psyche mission’s magnetometry objectives as much as the team has inspired me.

Peter Rubin’s 3D-printable asteroid model can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2373526

Date Added: 03-09-2022
Credit: Josh Meister

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