A History of Space Exploration

Brianna Orrill

Date: November 17, 2017

Major: astrobiology

Genre/Medium: paper

About the work: This piece is based on the Japanese art style of Notan, which focuses on stark contrasts. Designs and shapes are cut into black paper and reflected to the outside, creating a mirror image. The piece takes the overall shape of the Psyche spacecraft, while cut into the main structure is the history of space exploration. In this piece you can see: Goddard’s first fuel rocket, Sputnik, the first human space flight, a Saturn rocket used for the Apollo missions, the lunar landing, Skylab I, the Space Shuttle, Mir, the Hubble telescope, the International Space Station, Voyager, the Spirit rover, the Curiosity rover, and finally Psyche, the next step in our exploration of space.

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Date Added: 12-02-2017
Credit: Brianna Orrill
Keywords: art, Psyche Inspired

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