A Gift from Beyond

Alana Negrón Díaz

March 22nd, 2023

Major: Civil Engineering

Genre/Medium: Acrylic paint, paint cover, canvas

About the work: For this third art piece, I was very inspired to make a scenario where Psyche was gifting us the Psyche Asteroid. Through the journey of this project, we were able to have more insight on the Psyche mission and at times it feels so close yet so far, sort of a hard-to-get gift from beyond. The main idea was to create the goddess Psyche gifting us the asteroid, but throughout the project it seemed like a lot of elements that could come together with the butterfly. In one of the meeting with David Seal we had the opportunity to learn the story about Psyche and knew I wanted to represent her, the goddess of soul, also represented as a butterfly. Here a Blue Morpho butterfly is on top of the asteroid on its way to the hands of the viewer to deliver the gift, which I wanted it to feel like it could be going to anybody. At first I was incorporating a silhouette of an astronaut but I didn’t want to define a specific person and that’s when I came up with the hands waiting to get the gift. That was the general concept of the painting.

Now for the execution, I probably changed this canvas around 4 times. I wanted to create a very colorful and mystical setting to present the Psyche asteroid. I used acrylic painting as the medium for project 3.

This project was very important since I hadn’t painted in a while, at such scale. It was a very fun project.

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Date Added: 03-22-2023
Credit: Alana Negron Diaz

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