VR Space Game – PSB – B

“Psyche Odyssey VR”


Pennsylvania State University – Behrend (PSB)


Tungsten Class (2023 – 2024)


Jack Brand, Software Engineering
Peyton O’Boyle, Computer Science
Noah James Pfeffer, Computer Science
Cameron Schmidt, Software Engineering


Dr. Ziyun Huang
Russell Martin
Dr. Pulin Agrawal


Our Sponsor the NASA Psyche Mission tasked us with creating a Virtual Reality game for the Meta Quest 2. This game must be educational, and all facts about the NASA Psyche Mission contained within must be factually accurate. This game will be played in public events, with about 2 ½ minutes of playtime per person giving us a very strict time constraint to overcome.

Our team’s objective was to build a minigame collection based on the NASA Psyche Mission to teach the public about various aspects of the mission in a fun way. Each minigame showcases one aspect of the mission, such as the satellite building minigame teaching the player about the various instruments on the Psyche satellite, the imager minigame teaching various fun facts about Psyche itself, and the gravity science minigame teaching how gravity works and its significance to the mission.


This work was created in partial fulfillment of the Pennsylvania State University – Behrend Capstone Course “CMPSC 484”. The work is a result of the Psyche Student Collaborations component of NASA’s Psyche Mission (https://psyche.asu.edu). “Psyche: A Journey to a Metal World” [Contract number NNM16AA09C] is part of the NASA Discovery Program mission to solar system targets. Trade names and trademarks of ASU and NASA are used in this work for identification only. Their usage does not constitute an official endorsement, either expressed or implied, by Arizona State University or National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of ASU or NASA.