Psyche Online Course The Process and Lifetime of a Space Mission

This NASA Online Course was developed by the NASA Psyche Mission Team to promote knowledge regarding the process and lifetime of a space mission.

A space mission encompasses so much more than reaching a destination and sending back discoveries!

The Process and Lifetime of a Space Mission free online course shares the journey of a team creating a NASA robotic space mission.

As a participant, you will learn about the practice elements of a space mission, from idea to flight.

Join us on a journey to a metal world!

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More about Psyche

Psyche is both the name of an asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter — and the name of a NASA space mission to visit that asteroid, led by Arizona State University. The mission was chosen by NASA on January 4, 2017 as one of two missions for the agency’s Discovery Program, a series of relatively low-cost missions to solar system targets.

Only the 16th asteroid to be discovered, Psyche was found in 1852 by Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis, who named it for the goddess of the soul in ancient Greek mythology.

The Psyche spacecraft is targeted to travel to the asteroid using solar-electric (low-thrust) propulsion, following a Mars flyby and gravity-assist. After arrival, the mission plan calls for mapping the asteroid and studying its properties.

Once the spacecraft arrives at the asteroid, plans call for it to perform science operations from four staging orbits, which become successively closer.


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