Psyche Student Collaborations show off a Psyche QR code that is attached to a section of a blue Psyche asteroid.

Student Collaborations Participants: Iron Class (2018-2019)

Psyche Student Collaborations opportunities in 2018-19 (Iron Class) included Arizona State University (ASU) and beyond. Participants are listed below. (A list of 2017-2018 participants is available here.)

Capstone Projects

3D asteroid viewer- Polytechnic Team
Arizona State University

Phillip Hanson (Information Technology), Ryan Headley (Information Technology), Hugo Lackmann (Information Technology)

3D asteroid viewer- Tempe Team
Arizona State University

John Assaf (Computer Science), Ryan Edwards (Computer Science), Hoang Le (Computer Science), Billy Llamas (Informatics), Sadie Ogle (Informatics), Kairavi Shah (Informatics), Jessica Wallace (Engineering Management)

Arizona State University

Chad Allen (Computer Science), Adam Elder (Computer Science), Van Nguyen (Computer Science), Aashiq Shaikh (Computer Science), Teja Vemulapalli (Computer Science)

EPICS Interpretive Demonstration – Size & Scale
Arizona State University
Fall 2018

Tyler Dolyniuk (Civil Engineering), Amanda Minutello (Civil Engineering), Sergio Rodriguez (Software Engineering), Yusef Sabri (Chemical Engineering),Matt Tenney (Computer Systems Engineering)

Spring 2019

Zayne Bamond (Computer Science), James Cebry (Chemical Engineering), Amanda Minutello (Civil Engineering)

EPICS Interpretive Demonstration – QR Codes
Arizona State University
Fall 2018

Robert Christianson (Aerospace Engineering), Cameron Janda (Mechanical Engineering), Alta Khan (Electrical Engineering), Christopher Laine (Aerospace Engineering), Andrew Murza (Computer Systems Engineering), Adriana Talamante (Chemical Engineering)

future materials
Arizona State University

Tracey Bovee (Materials Science & Engineering), Jacob Jelinski (Materials Science & Engineering)

in situ probe
Arizona State University

Cole Brauer (Robotics), Edgar Diaz (Mechanical Engineering Systems), Connor Giam (Robotics), Quinn Seavey (Robotics), Michael Turcu (Electrical Systems Engineering)

Meteorite database
Arizona State University

Kenneth Bonilla (Software Engineering), Hajar Boughoula (Software Engineering), Michael Falgien (Software Engineering), Joshua Johnson (Software Engineering), Troy Mullins (Software Engineering)

Meteorite Imager – ASU Team
Arizona State University

Daniel Aguiar (Computer Systems Engineering), Katie Baerwaldt (Electrical Engineering), Zion Cherla (Computer Science), Zakk Giacometti (Computer Systems Engineering), Jacob Hann (Computer Systems Engineering), Andrew Suarez (Engineering Management)

Meteorite Imager – CSULA Team
California State university, Los Angeles

Edwin Ho (Mechanical Engineering), Xiaodong Huang (Electrical Engineering), Joseph Misch (Electrical Engineering), Gracia Sestoso (Mechanical Engineering)

Meteorite Imager – VCU Team
Virginia Commonwealth University

Bazah Alhooli (Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering), Luis Beltran (Chemical & Life Science Engineering),Jethrine Mugumya (Chemical & Life Science Engineering), Sean Newman (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Chris Smith (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Kyle Watson (Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering), Nathaniel Wygal (Chemical & Life Science Engineering)

Arizona State University

Dania Wright (Engineering Management)

Mobile app – arrival
Arizona State University

Zachary Carnago (Computer Science), Clara Early (Graphic Design), Austin Efnor (Software Engineering), Tarryn Falls (Software Engineering), Sierra Granillo (Computer Science), Nathan Nikan (Computer Science), Victor Ruiz (Engineering Management), Matthew Stinson (Computer Science), Augustine Wehn (Graphic Design)

Mobile app – cruise
Arizona State University

Jared Cox (Computer Science), Christopher Eich (Software Engineering), Corbin Johnston (Engineering Management), Ben Shu (Software Engineering), Brayden Smith (Graphic Design), Callahan Stormer (Computer Science), Seth Turnage (Software Engineering), Courtney Zeitler (Graphic Design)

Mobile app – gravity assist
Arizona State University

Andres Avila (Informatics), Klariz Gapusan (Graphic Design), Gregory Gonzales (Engineering Management), Alexander Lemka (Computer Science), Rafael Luque (Software Engineering), Y Nguyen (Graphic Design), Brandon Pacheco (Software Engineering), Cody Partin (Informatics), Kevin Thai (Computer Science)

Mobile app – launch
Arizona STate University

Devon Aulerich (Graphic Design), Jaqueline Fonseca (Computer Science), Veronica Gomez (Graphic Design), Tain Henning (Computer Science), Matthew Lillie (Computer Science), Tyler Lynch (Engineering Management), Sivamsa Pingali (Computer Science), Alexa Saunders (Informatics)

Mobile app – orbit
Arizona State University

Joshua Lee (Engineering Management), Thor Millsaps (Information Technology), Daniella Ozair (Graphic Design), Kyle Peterson (Graphic Design), Ryan Schenk (Information Technology), Sarah Schnoor (Information Technology)

Mobile app – trajectory
Arizona State University

Fatima Alburaikan (Computer Science), Yazeed Almazroa (Computer Science), Rakan Alshubat (Computer Science), Saeed Alteneiji (Software Engineering), Stephanie Bookout (Graphic Design), Tristan Kimball (Software Engineering), Pyae Naing (Engineering Management), Christina Romano (Graphic Design), Rudy Trigueros (Computer Science)

neutral flux probe
Michigan State University
Fall 2018

Val Gueorguiev (Mechanical Engineering), Cameron Hodgson (Computer Engineering), Ivan Gueorguiev Iovtchev (Mechanical Engineering), Suhas Kodali (Mechanical Engineering), Andrej Serafimovski (Electrical Engineering), Haochen Sun (Electrical Engineering), Joey Xie (Mechanical Engineering), Fan Xu (Mechanical Engineering)

Spring 2019

Tony Anason (Mechanical Engineering), Drew Dunker (Mechanical Engineering), Collin Germain (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Zheng Liu (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Giancarlo Martinez (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Paul Schulman (Mechanical Engineering), Jordan Thayer (Mechanical Engineering), Sarah Wegert (Mechanical Engineering), Alex Zultowski (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

public campaign
Arizona State University

Rudi Ward (Graphic Design)

Remote interpretive system
Arizona State University

Yacine Aboubacar Issa (Electrical Engineering), Jonathan Disilvestro (Computer Systems Engineering), Uilani Forgione (Computer Systems Engineering), Arnoldo Ibarra (Computer Systems Engineering), Brenden Leader (Engineering Management)

Rendering high-resolution data
Arizona State University

Everett Graves (Computer Systems Engineering), Timothy Huynh (Computer Systems Engineering), George Radau (Computer Systems Engineering)

Send Your NAme to Psyche
Michigan State University

Sarah Clark (Applied Engineering Sciences), Pearce Manson (Applied Engineering Sciences), Greta Nameti (Applied Engineering Sciences), Tina Nguyen (Applied Engineering Sciences), Ashley Williams (Applied Engineering Sciences)

space mission design – Psychonauts Team
Pennsylvania State University

Adam Cheskey (Aerospace Engineering), Luke Dionne (Aerospace Engineering), Tyler Gerhold (Aerospace Engineering), Christian Stair (Aerospace Engineering), Nicholas Stawinski (Aerospace Engineering),My-Hao Vo (Aerospace Engineering)

space mission design – Space Rock Co. Team
Pennsylvania State University

Eric Acosta (Aerospace Engineering), Bianca Gonzalez (Aerospace Engineering), Igor Kobzarenko (Aerospace Engineering), Dylan Palm (Aerospace Engineering), Dylan Keiter (Aerospace Engineering), Clint Shirk (Aerospace Engineering), Joshua Shoup (Aerospace Engineering), Joseph Wittreich (Aerospace Engineering)

space object vr
Arizona State University

Guillermo Lopez (Computer Science), Bernard McCleary (Computer Science), Aaron Roth (Computer Science), Tanner Siffren (Engineering Management), Charmaze Trinidad (Computer Science), Dunchuan Wu (Computer Science), Weichi Zhao (Computer Science)

spacecraft oculus rift
Arizona State University

Wyatt Carlowe (Computer Science), John Castillo (Computer Science), Yuqi Liu (Computer Science), Paul Nathan (Computer Science), Megumi Satkowski (Computer Science), Anthony Trevino (Engineering Management), Thomas Wheeler (Computer Science)

visualizing data footprints – Crater Team
Arizona State University

Kyler Butler (Computer Science), Nicole Darmawaskita (Computer Science), Benjamin Humpherys (Informatics), Benjamin Ladick (Computer Science), Jennifer Le (Computer Science), Nicholas Schrader (Informatics), Brian Vu (Computer Science), Jaeger Zollman (Engineering Management)

visualizing data footprints – Impact Team
Arizona State University

Saharaj Asa (Software Engineering), Abrahm Coury (Computer Science), Pragathi Gopal (Computer Science), Edwin Jose (Computer Science), Yifan Tian (Computer Science), Chris Warren (Computer Science)

xenon flow controller – Asu Team
Arizona State University

Reid Baker (Electrical Systems Engineering), Sheena Benson (Robotics Engineering), Clinton Ewell (Robotics Engineering), Charles Homan (Mechanical Engineering Systems), Hansol Moon (Robotics Engineering)

xenon flow controller – CSU Team
Cleveland State University

Daniel Jindra (Mechanical Engineering), Harnavdeep Kaur (Mechanical Engineering), Dan Londrico (Mechanical Engineering), Malavika Patel (Mechanical Engineering), Adam Wallaart (Electrical Engineering), Eric Wonkovich (Mechanical Engineering)

Arizona State UNIVERSITY

Abraham Coria (Engineering Management)

xenon flow controller – FAMU-FSU Team
Florida A&M University – Florida State University

Zachary Barnes (Mechanical Engineering), Addison Iwanaga (Engineering Management), Micaela Martinez (Electrical Engineering), James Quattrocchi (Electrical Engineering), Arturo San Segundo (Mechanical Engineering), Eric Smith (Mechanical Engineering)

Arizona State University

Addison Iwanaga (Engineering Management)


Ric Alling (School of Earth & Space Exploration), Emma Bradford (NASA JPL), Tess Calvert (School of Earth and Space Exploration), Ernest Cisneros (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Science Operations Center), Scott Dickenshied (Mars Space Flight Facility), Lindy Elkins-Tanton (School of Earth and Space Exploration), Jason Frieman (NASA GRC), Laurence Garvie (ASU Center for Meteorite Studies), Danny Jacobs (School of Earth & Space Exploration), Robert LiKamWa (ASU Electrical Engineering, ASU Arts Media & Engineering), Tim McCoy (Smithsonian Institution), Ofelia Quintero (NASA JPL), Devin Schrader (ASU Center for Meteorite Studies), Victor Surovec (ASU Libraries), Daniel Wenkert (NASA JPL)


John Albrecht (Electrical and Computer Engineering, MSU), Sergey Baryshev (Electrical and Computer Engineering, MSU), Tim Beatty (Polytechnic School, ASU), Giles Brereton (Mechanical Engineering, MSU), Damien Doheny (Information Technology, ASU), Mike Gallagher (Mechanical Engineering, CSU), Stephanie Gillespie (Engineering Projects in Community Service, ASU), Jerris Hooker (Electrical Engineering, FAMU-FSU), Usha Jagannathan (Information Technology, ASU), Michael Kozicki (Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, ASU), Steve Krause (Materials Engineering, ASU), Anthony Kuhn (Engineering, ASU), Jim Lang (Mechanical Engineering, MSU), Dan McCarville (Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, ASU), Shayne McConomy (Mechanical Engineering, FAMU-FSU), Ryan Meuth (Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, ASU), Eric Montgomery (Visual Communication Design, ASU), Doug Sandy (Engineering, ASU), Al Sanft (Visual Communication Design, ASU), David Spencer (Aerospace Engineering, PSU), Gregory Triplett (Electrical and Computer Engineering, VCU), Tatiana Walsh (Information Technology, ASU), Ben Ward (Engineering, VCU), Ming Zhao (Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, ASU), Vivek Chacko (Information Technology, ASU)

Doctoral students

Hannah Bercovici (Geological Sciences), Kevin Hubbard (Geological Sciences), John Morgan Christoph (Exploration Systems Design), Lena Heffern (Exploration Systems Design)


Psyche Inspired


Chloe Carriere (Chemical Engineering), Brenton Chase (Forensics), Ben Conway (Illustration), Olivia Ferrel (Public Service & Public Policy), Sophie Hullinger (Art & Design), Rachel McNeil (Environmental Sustainability Management), Miguel Montanez (Interdisciplinary Studies), Ryan Powell (Music), Jessika Raisor (Animation), Addison Rizer (English), Dagan Sassarini (Chemical Engineering), Sarah Tennant (Illustration & Creative Writing), Carissa Tinoco (Molecular Environmental Biology), Anna Vanderberg (Art & Design), Stacy Woodruff (Public Service & Public Policy), Angela Wroblewski (Astronomy & Physics)

Student Manager

Brooke Owen (Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior)


Brianna Orrill (Astrobiology and Biogeosciences)


Stephanee Germaine (School of Earth and Space Exploration)


School of Earth and Space Exploration Docent Program


Sierra Apillanes (Earth & Environmental Studies), Justin Baez (Astrophysics), Pauline Camacho (Astrophysics), Alicia Hyatt (Astrophysics), Crystal Kubby (Astrophysics), Theodore Oberg (Astrophysics), Lauren Quintanar (Biomedical Engineering), Brendan Scobie (Electrical Engineering), Leann Scott (Mechanical Engineering), Cali Trammell (Geology), Stone Woodham (Astrophysics)


Robert Alling (School of Earth and Space Exploration), Meg Hufford (School of Earth and Space Exploration), Luis Martinez-Mella (Business Technology)

Student Collaborations


Dillon Briggs (Aerospace Engineering), Michael Chatarachanwong (Industrial Engineering), Alexandra Cook (Sports Journalism), Jamie Hunziker (Communications), Jessica Maschino (Aerospace Engineering), Athulya Nair (Graphic Information Technology), Kaxandra Nessi (Microbiology [Medical Microbiology]), Brianna Orrill (Astrobiology and Biogeosciences), Brooke Owen (Biological sciences [Neurobiology,Physiology, and Behavior]),Bhawana Prasad (Software Engineering), Madhukar Raj (Software Engineering), Christiana Shafer (English [Writing, Rhetorics and Literacies]), Adriana Talamante (Interdisciplinary Studies)