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Psyche Inspired: Stacy Woodruff

This is a portrait of Psyche Inspired member Stacy Woodruff.

Stacy Woodruff

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Public Service & Public Policy

Psyche Inspired Class: 2018-2019

Journey to Psyche

stacy woodruff

February 14, 2019

Major: public service & public policy

Genre/Medium: lapidary & wire wrapping

About the work: This piece combines brass wire-wrapped embellishments with a more traditional bezel-set sodalite stone. It is inspired by the spacecraft’s journey from Earth to Psyche. The shape and trailing tendrils show the motion of the journey, and the pattern in the sodalite is reminiscent of deep-space images.

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a necklace that has a blue central stone to represent the Earth and three thick silver wires wrapping around the stone similar to the Psyche spacecraft's flight path.

Take Off

stacy woodruff

January 31, 2019

Major: public service & public policy

Genre/Medium: jewelry (azurite & malachite cabochon)

About the work: In this piece, the central stone represents Earth, and the wire wrapping is similar to the Psyche spacecraft’s flight path. The glass beads are reminiscent of Earth’s atmosphere. I chose to use stainless steel for the flight path that will connect Earth and Psyche because we believe that Earth’s core and Psyche are both made primarily of iron and nickel, like stainless steel.

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Circular pendant made from orange dendritic opal wrapped with brass wire, in a pattern shaped like the sun.

Psyche Sunburst Pendant

stacy woodruff

November 06, 2018

Major: public service & public policy

Genre/Medium: Lapidary

About the work: I chose to start with the sun because it is at the center of what we are doing on the Psyche mission. We orbit the sun; Psyche orbits the sun; and the sun will power the spacecraft. Without it, we wouldn’t be doing any of this. I created this pendant out of orange dendritic opal and brass wire.

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