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Psyche Inspired: Ral Vandenhoudt

Institution: Emory University

Major: Biology, Economics

Psyche Inspired Class: 2019-2020

Psyche through the Multispectral Imager

Ral Vandenhoudt

November 4, 2019

Major: Biology, Economics

Genre/Medium: digital

About the work: My piece sees Psyche through the multicolored lens of time. Around Psyche, there are orbital spheres with formulas. Newton and Kepler’s original formulas zoom alongside Einstein’s and Hawking’s postulations. This piece highlights the scientific progress upon which Psyche is built and which the mission will help advance. The color palette reflects the upbeat and optimistic tone that the mission’s potential has. By studying Psyche, we can learn more about our own origins and Earth’s development. This is echoed by the scientific development pictured within the orbs.

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