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Psyche Inspired: Miguel Montanez

Psyche Inspired Intern Miguel Montanez

Miguel Montanez

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Psyche Inspired Class: 2018-2019

This is an animated loop of a female engineer sits at a desk covered in papers and work, typing on a laptop. Her hair is pulled back in a large bun, she wears glasses and a white lab coat with a dress shirt underneath. After she types on the computer, she spins in her chair, turning to look at the orbiter behind her. It hangs suspended in the large workspace behind her. The orbiter's solar panels then spin and stop. She turns back to her computer to type.

Late Night

Miguel Montanez

January 29, 2019

Major: interdisciplinary studies

Genre/Medium: animation

About the work:  This animated loop shows an engineer staying late to work on the Psyche orbiter. She types on a computer, testing the orbiter and turns to see it respond to her.

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This image shows an object on a starry purple background with a small object soaring towards it.

Psyche Wide

Miguel Montanez

December 05, 2018

Major: interdisciplinary studies

Genre/Medium: digital

About the work: This piece was made digitally with only halftones (small dots of color) and only uses the Psyche colors!

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