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Psyche Inspired: Brenton Chase

Psyche Inspired Intern Brenton Chase.

Brenton Chase

Institution: Phoenix College

Major: Forensics

Psyche Inspired Class: 2018-2019

The Psyche asteroid centered in the photo, with

Soul of the Asteroid Belt

Brenton Chase

November 13, 2018

Major: forensics

Genre/Medium: digital illustration

About the work: Displayed here is the Psyche asteroid exuding a blue and purple electric aura, alluding to the possibility of it being the core of a planet. When I think of the core of our planet, I think of the magnetic field it generates, and when I picture magnetic attraction in my mind, it is represented by electricity. The title, “Soul of the Asteroid Belt”, alludes to the fact it was named after the Greek goddess of the soul, which is written in metallic letters to represent the metallic make-up of the asteroid.

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