Psyche Inspired: Megan Bromley

This is a portrait of Psyche Inspired member Megan Bromley

Megan Bromley (Photo Credit: Abigail Weibel)

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Biogeoscience/English (double major)

Psyche Inspired Class: 2017-2018


This image shows the Psyche zine folded up into an eight-page black and white miniature book.

Psyche Zine

Megan Bromley

February 5, 2018

Major: biogeoscience and English

Genre/Medium: paper and ink

About the work: This work is a one-page ‘zine’ about Psyche that anyone can make and read. It is printed all on one side of a page and, when folded correctly, makes a small 8-page book. There are both images and written facts and poetry about Psyche. It is designed in black and white so the reader can color it and add their own art to it.

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This work shows 16 black-and-white pixelated images overlaid with a poem made from words cut from newspapers.

(16) Psyche

Megan Bromley

November 4, 2017

Major: biogeoscience/English (double major)

Genre/Medium: ink-printed paper, cellophane tape

About the work: This work underscores the mysterious nature of the asteroid and the importance of the mission. It emphasizes that our current images and predictions about the asteroid are useful, but ultimately can be distortions, not unlike the images I’ve made. Exploration attempts to reconcile this divide between reality and knowledge. To create this work, I converted a pixelated image of (16) Psyche into a sound file, applied 16 different combinations of sound filters to the file, converted those 16 results back to image files, and added each edit as a tile in a larger grid of 16 images. Taped over the top is an accompanying collage poem.

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