Psyche Inspired: Emily Stabilito

headshot of Emily Stabilito

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Business (Sustainability)

Psyche Inspired Class: 2022-2023

Sippin’ on Psyche

Emily Stabilito

January 23rd, 2023

Major: Business (Sustainability)

Genre/Medium: Acrylic paint on ceramic mug

About the work: This is a ceramic mug depicting Psyche asteroid and orbiter in space. Subtle stars represent imagination while two firey columns depict the thrill and nature of discovery. There is an illuminating quality to the world of science and exploration. Against a dark, unknown backdrop, the bright yellow, pink, and orange (Psyche logo) colored columns channel this energy of discovery and illuminate both the asteroid and orbiter in their wake; one product of human innovation, the other of the universe itself.

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Psyche Inspired

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Psyche Inspired