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Psyche Inspired: Jessika Raisor

This is a portrait of Psyche Inspired member Jessika Raisor.

Jessika Raisor

Institution: columbus college of art & design

Major: animation

Psyche Inspired Class: 2018-2019

Three sculptures in a row on a black background. The sculpture on the far left is a sphere-like in shape and is painted various shades of brown, it is a planet. It has a seam through the middle. The middle sculpture is more irregular in shape and has craters. It is painted more silver with hints of yellow, it also has a seam through the middle. The sculpture on the far right is of a butterfly. Its wings are up and the outside of the wing is painted various shades of brown with black spots at the top. You can see a little bit of the inside of the wing which is bright blue.

Psyche Stacking Dolls

Jessika Raisor

March 28, 2019

Major: animation

Genre/Medium: clay and acrylic

About the work: The concept of this project seems so obvious to me now that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner. (16) Psyche is thought to be the core of a planet, and we are visiting it to learn more about it, so what better way to show that than through stacking dolls! The first layer is my imagining of what the planet exterior could have been, the second layer is the asteroid as it is today, and the third layer, a bit more abstract, is a butterfly or the “soul” of Psyche. This symbolism comes from the goddess Psyche herself. Since we don’t know for sure what we will find when we get to Psyche, this seemed like the perfect fit. I hope the project can be a fun and approachable outreach tool so people can literally uncover and learn more about Psyche!

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An Asteroid Named Psyche: Animated Typography

Jessika Raisor

February 14, 2019

Major: animation

Genre/Medium: Adobe After Effects

About the work: I created this animated video after hearing fellow intern, Ryan Powell’s, children song. The song personifies the Psyche asteroid and for me that was a lot of fun to play with in terms of animation. I created the digital work to look like paper cut-out stop motion because it is simple and easy to follow, especially with the text on screen making the video more of a sing-a-long. And because the song tells an imagined story, having a simplified and cartoony style made sure there wasn’t any confusion if this was a factual representation (since we don’t know what Psyche looks like yet!).

View the full video on Youtube

Opening page of the interactive Timeline Adventure. In the centerof the page it says Psyche: Mission Control. At the top left corner is the Psyche badge. The top right corner is an asteroid and the bottom right corner is the psyche spacecraft. In the bottom center of the page says Start.

Psyche: Mission Control

Jessika Raisor

December 15, 2018

Major: animation

Genre/Medium: HTML5 Digital

About the work: Not every kid wants to scroll on a webpage and read (I personally did as a kid but I know I’m not the typical user!). Even though the Psyche site is wonderfully designed and engaging already, I wanted to created a more game like atmosphere to engage kids directly. This was my first time doing a project like this and it made me really think about interactive design. I designed the Interactive Timeline as if the player was put in charge of the mission, this hopefully gives them a sense of responsibility even though it is just pretend. With them now in this role, the user’s focus goes more on the mission and learning about it.

To play the game, click here or use the link below to download the file. Once the zip file has been downloaded, open it and click on the HTML link. The HTML will take you directly to the online game! At the online game you may need to zoom out for the game to fit the browser window.

Download game file

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This screenshot shows a gray asteroid on a black background with the Psyche spacecraft nearing it.

VR Psyche

Jessika Raisor

December 11, 2018

Major: animation

Genre/Medium: digital

About the work: I created this VR animation, commonly referred to as a “quillustration”, in Quill. This is one of the newest artistic mediums out in the world and I have started to experiment with it more and more. Because this medium allows people to visit new worlds, what better way to show off the metal world of Psyche? It seemed to be the perfect way to introduce (16) Psyche to the public, and because of the freedom and possibilities of VR, I was able to create the possible interior of Psyche as well through my own artistic interpretation.

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