Interdisciplinary Capstone Marketplace – Fall 2020


Arizona State University – Tempe


Nickel Class (2020 – 2021)


Sergio Rodriguez
Jacob Babik
Chris Carbajal
Kevin Shannon
Aaron Sycamore




Large-scale projects in industry and the government require the efforts and contributions of people from different disciplines, institutions, and perspectives. Capstone projects, however, are undertaken most commonly by single-discipline teams of students unless opportunities are specifically provided for them to be in an interdisciplinary team. Using the NASA Psyche Mission interdisciplinary capstone projects as a model, a team of students are working to design and deploy a web-based system to help students learn about and join available interdisciplinary capstone projects and to also post and search for students with other skillsets needed to make their project a success.

This work was created in partial fulfillment of Arizona State University Capstone Courses. The work is a result of the Psyche Student Collaborations component of NASA’s Psyche Mission ( “Psyche: A Journey to a Metal World” [Contract number NNM16AA09C] is part of the NASA Discovery Program mission to solar system targets. Trade names and trademarks of ASU and NASA are used in this work for identification only. Their usage does not constitute an official endorsement, either expressed or implied, by Arizona State University or National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of ASU or NASA.