Hypothesized Surface: ISRU for Hypothesized Surfaces – UArk – A

“Arkansas Razornauts”


University of Arkansas


Tungsten Class (2023 – 2024)


Chris Stites, Mechanical Engineering
Denton McCullough, Mechanical Engineering
Orion Buster, Mechanical Engineering
Richard Lundsgaard III, Mechanical Engineering



Mr. Jason Bailey


The Arkansas Razornauts are developing a prototype that is meant to be a resource-collecting rover attachment, but could easily be iterated to be a self-propelled digging apparatus. The teams’ prototype specializes in loose aggregate collection in the 0-1 square inch range and prioritizes collection attempts. The prototype is loosely based on an excavator on Earth as it features linear arm movement and a digging field of roughly 160 degrees. However, it differentiates from an excavator because the prototype incorporates a hollow arm that allows sample movement and storage within the body of the prototype.



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