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Psyche Inspired: Ryan Powell

This is a portrait of Psyche Inspired member Ryan Powell.

Ryan Powell

Institution: Albion College

Major: Music

Psyche Inspired Class: 2018-2019

this image is of our Psyche Inspired intern Ryan Powell who playing the piano and editing his music of his computer.

Journey to Psyche – A 3D Experience

Ryan Powell

January 05, 2019

Major: music

Genre/Medium: music/sound

About the work: For this piece, I did some experimenting with 3D sound, or binaural sound. This is something that I’ve been interested in for a long time and was able to implement in this piece. I wanted to combine music and the 3D sound aspect to tell a sort of story on the way to the asteroid that uses sound bites from previous NASA missions, showing how far we’ve come leading up to the Psyche mission. In essence, it’s like a film score with 3D sound elements. I had a blast doing it, and I got some help from an actress friend of mine, Katrina Dykstra, who played the little fairy you’ll hear about halfway through. All that said, grab a pair of over-ear headphones, find a quiet room, sit back, close your eyes, and be taken on the journey!

Listen to the song
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Along with the song is a lyric sheet. The lyric sheet is a one-page, horizontal sheet that contains the title

An Asteroid Named Psyche

Ryan Powell

November 06, 2018

Major: music

Genre/Medium: composition

About the work: An Asteroid Named Psyche is a children’s song that I wrote, which follows the asteroid’s story. I wanted the song to be both educational and exciting for kids, so I brought the Psyche asteroid to life and created a story that could have a nice little moral while also staying on target scientifically. I aimed for the melody to be catchy, a characteristic that was aided by repetition and structure. The vocals and guitar were recorded by my friend Amelia Murray, a New York City based singer-songwriter, who did an amazing job of giving the tune a character. Along with the recording, I created a lead sheet and a lyric sheet, both of which will be shared with various schools for any choirs that would be interested in learning the song and learning about the mission.

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